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How To Upload Pictures To Facebook With Phones

Are you  Facebooker and  have been wondering how you can upload pictures from your phone to Facebook? Well, it's so easy as eating.

How Do I Upload My Pictures To Facebook?

There are several ways by which you can upload your pictures to Facebook, but I am sharing with you the simplest one which is been done via email.You just exercise patient for me so I guide you through the

Login to

Scroll down till you see the PHOTOS link. Click on it.

Thereafter, you will see a link that reads " Upload Photos" Click on it.

Then, you will notice an email address. Please, copy the email given you somewhere That is what you need to be uploading your pictures to facebook via email. .

Now using MMS, compose a message, give it a title and attach your pictures.

Send the MMS to the email address copied above.

Once facebook receives your email message, the pictures in the Email received by facebook will be uploaded to your facebook  "MOBILE UPLOADS" folder.

That's All.

You can also just go to and get your Unique Uploading email address.


> The email subject will be the photo caption if your email contains photos.
> The email subject will be your updated status if your email contains no photo.
> Save your upload email as a phone contact for easy access.

I hope this helps.

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