Ghana Go Mobile Number Portability--Airtel starts Fresh Deals Alert

Ghana Go Mobile Number Portability--Airtel starts

The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a policy initiative by the National Communications Authority (NCA) that enables mobile phone users to maintain their numbers when switching from one mobile network to another.It is expected to address the numerous problems encountered by telephone subscribers in the country. The mobile number portability would improve quality of service and enhance innovative and value added services. 

 So how porting done on Airtel
1.A subscriber required to send " port" to the short code 600 to start the porting process from the existing number and one would receive confirmation message which would require him/her to show at the port on the counter. 

2.A subscribers willing to port must visit any retail outlet and provide any of the following, passport, driving licence, Voters ID, National Health Insurance Scheme and or a National ID after which the shop attendant would take them through the process to register. 

After filling a porting form, the authorised agent would give the subscriber a new SIM card with the old phone number and this would be automatically registered.

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