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How To Add Reactions To Your Blog

Most of bloggers want to find out how visitors to their website or blog felt about the nature of the contents and the website or blog as a whole. I want to share with you how I added reactions to my blog. Most often bloggers take for granted this reactions widget because we think it does nothing to our blogs but it helps you to enrich your blog with very good contents including images and videos. Below are few steps you will follow.

1, Login into your dashboard
2. Click on design or layout
3. Click on page elements tab
 4 Simply click the 'Edit' link under the Blog Post widget and a settings window will pop up.
5. Click on the Configure Blog Post window will display options, and the Reactions feature is near the bottom of the list
6. To turn on Reactions click on the checkbox,
 7. You customize the feature by adding words of your choice by clicking on edit.
8. Finally, you can choose the exact location of Reactions by dragging the widget at the bottom of the Configure Blog Post page

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