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How to Embed Skype within Facebook

Skype and Facebook can now be integrated in a Skype account. Skype users can view their Facebook News Feed, call their Facebook friends and update a status through Skype without having to open a new window to view a Facebook account. Using Facebook within Skype allows you to easily stay in touch with your Facebook friends. I want to share with you how to it. I must walk you through the following steps

         So what should I do?
1. Download Skype 5.3 or above for Windows.
 3. Click "Get Skype 5.3 for Windows to download to correct version of Skype.
4. Login to your Skype account/create account if you have not done it.
 5. Click on View in the toolbar and choose Facebook Updates.
 6. Click on the tab labeled Facebook.
 7. Click Connect to Facebook and then enter your Facebook login information.  
 9. Log In to sign in to Facebook within Skype.
 10. Click on the Facebook tab to view your account's News Feed, where you can update your status and view your friends' updates.

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