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How To Make Your Blogger Template Stands Unique

Every publisher/ blogger wants his/her blog stands unique among the rest, I for one, is of no exception. I was surfing through the internet searching for template till something tell me to go to my blogger template to do some additions and subtractions.I want to share with you how I made my template appears unique, I had to walk you through following steps.

    So how do I go about it
1.Log into your blogger dashboard
2.Click on the design/layout
3.Click on the template designer, it will lead you to various options such as;
(iii)Adjust Width
4.Click on templates and select one of the templates you want to use.
5.Click on background to edit the background you would want to use.
7.Click on adjust width to edit the size of your template.
8.Click on the layout to choose the layout you wish to use. 
9.Click advanced to choose what characters should appear on your template when you publish.

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