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How to Use Docs without Internet Connection(offline)

Most of Google Docs users cannot use service offline. I want share with you how to use Docs without internet connection.Now you can use Google Docs offline without any internet connection along with Google Calendar & Gmail. To use Google docs offline,  you have to enable Gmail offline access and then follow these few steps below. 


1.Once you have enabled Gmail Offline access login to your Google Docs account and click on “set up docs offline” option.

2. Click on “Allow Offline Docs” button as shown in the screenshot below.
Allow offline Docs

3.Finally it will take few seconds to setup Google docs offline access and you will see the following message on the homepage of your Google docs.

Preparing Offline Docs

4. Whenever you go offline or don’t have internet access simply open the Google docs home page ( ) and it will open Google docs in offline mode where you can view the documents easily

 It is easy trick

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