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How to Install and Use Your TECNO Mobile Phone as Modem

Tecno company one of the most leading china's technology companies in the world, has phones which can be used as modem.That's when you connect to your desktop or laptop can be seen by laptop as modem and use to surfing the internet, you don't need to buy any modem. If you have one am going take you through how to do it. You just be patient and follow me through the following steps.
So What Should I Do
1. First, connect your TECNO mobile phone to the computer (your SIM card should support GPRS), and choose the COM-PORT.
2. Install the driver to your phone COM-PORT, by find the driver in the location of: -- \mobile-internet\DataCable\usb2ser_2k

3. Find the COM-PORT setting in your hardware management,
How do i find settings on my hardware management : go to Start>control panel>click on hard and sound> click on Device manager, like example in below picture: 6218 USB Modem Driver (COM9).

4. Start phone suite software; open the exe file, and click the setting menu, then choose accordingly to your COM setting on the COM-PORT column (here example it is COM9).

5. Click to create connection, create one new connection by the right connection name, apn, number, user name, password setting (consulting to your mobile network service provider);

6. Then go to “dial up”, choose the connection you just created, and dial up. Now you will get the connection.

7.If the Dial Up key can’t click.pls restart your computer or connect your phone again
If you want your modem to be decoded for you just type IMEI of the modem in the comment form.

For those using ZTE type of modem just meet me on Facebook i will inbox you the software to decode it yourself. Use the comment form to ask me your questions and answers will be given in a twinkling of eye.

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