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How to Access Facebook on a Sanyo Internet TV

The Facebook app allows you to access Facebook on your Sanyo HDTV device.Sanyo Net Apps menu that allow you to access and use your favorite Internet applications on your TV. Facebook, Netflix and Vudu are few examples of the apps available for your Internet-enabled Sanyo HDTV. You will need an active wired or wireless Internet connection and an active Facebook account to use Facebook on your Sanyo Internet-enabled HDTV.

So What Should I Do

1.Connect your Sanyo TV to your Internet service. Your Sanyo HDTV will have a wired Ethernet port in addition to a USB port which can support a wireless Internet adapter. To enable Internet connectivity, insert your wireless Internet adapter to the USB port on the back of your TV.
2.Turn on the TV and press the “Menu” key, then navigate to the “Setup” option and press “Enter” on your remote.
3.Select the “Network” option and choose either the “Wired” or “Wireless” options. Select your network from the generated list and enter any associated password for the network.
4.Press the “NET@” button on your remote to launch the “Sanyo Net Apps."
5.Press the cursor buttons to navigate to the left of the “Sanyo Net Apps” screen and select the “Most Popular” or “Browse by Genre” options and press “Enter.”
7.Download the “Facebook” app by highlighting it with the cursor and pressing “Enter” on the remote.
8.Sign in to Facebook using the app. You will be prompted to check the email account associated with your Facebook account for an activation code.
9.Enter the activation code and use the remote to navigate Facebook on your Sanyo TV.
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