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How to Download Skype for Android to Your PC

Skype is popular voice software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet. Skype is available as an Android app, but if you want access to the data inside the app package, you need to do some file shuffling on your phone. Once you have moved the APK file your SD card, you can connect your phone or the card itself to your computer to access the file.

1. Turn your Android phone on .
2. Press the "Home" button. Open the app drawer and tap your file explorer app.
3. Tap Up, "/" or "..." until you reach the top folder of your device. If you have pre-installed skype on your phone, click on System App. If you downloaded Skype from the Android Market, click on Data App
4. Tap and hold the file marked ", Tap Copy and Press the "Back" button twice. Tap sdcard. Finaaly press the Menu button and tap Paste.
5. Connect the phone to your computer with the Micro USB cable and select USB Mass Storage.
6. Click the Start button on your computer desktop. Go Computer, and then double-click the new drive. Click and drag the file to your desktop.

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