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How to Disable Already Installed apps on Your Galaxy Nexus

 Pre-installed bloatware and custom apps has occupy large space on your  Android devices.While rooting your device will allow you to uninstall any unwanted apps.Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich allows you to disable an app, in lieu of uninstalling them.  Follow me through the steps below to disable an app.

                   So What Should I Do 
 1.Go to Settings 
2.Click or tap on Apps  then to  select All. You should, then see a list of all apps installed in your device. Holding one will launch the App Info screen for that particular app

The second method of getting to an app's App Info screen . While viewing your apps in the app launcher.
1.Tap and hold on an app until the launcher disappears the same method as if you were going to place a shortcut to an app on your home screen
 2.Drag the icon up to the text and let go. You should then see the App Info screen for the app.
3.Click on Uninstall Updates,If you have installed updates from the Android Market .As shown in the pic  below

4. Click on disable, it will remove the app from your app launcher.  Isn't it so simple work it out 


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