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How Do I Get My Certificates Evaluated by SAQA in South Africa

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is a statutory body, regulated in terms of the National Qualifications Framework.  SAQA is mandated by legislation to oversee the development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
SAQA   has mandate of evaluating foreign educational qualifications to determine their South African equivalence. People with foreign qualifications who wish to attend South African education institutions or who wish to enter the South African labour market apply to SAQA to have their qualifications evaluated and qualifications are internationally comparable.

                         So What Should I Do Now

1. Take original and photo copies of your certificates and all transcrpts to police station for it to be certified first.
2. Send the original and certified certificates to head office at capital city (Pretoria,SAQA House 1067 Arcadia Street Hetfield, 0028)
3. Pick a form and fill it. Take note of duration and its charges (I preferred R840 for 10 working days)
4. Go to Standard Bank to pay for all the charges.
5. Go back to SAQA office and them the certificates and pay-in-slip
Go home and wait for the days you choose to elapse.  
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