How to Maintain Your Popular Post On Top of All Your Posts Fresh Deals Alert

How to Maintain Your Popular Post On Top of All Your Posts

All website and blog publishers want attract more traffic. These huge traffic is obtain through publishing good content on your website or blog.Good content also is very difficult to come by so if think you have good content which attracted huge traffic to your blog and vanished to your achiever in no time-meaning it is not on the homepage.You v’e  being worry about how to bring it back to homepage? Worries no more am here to teach you some small trick for that post come up again.

 So How Do I Get Started

1. Log into your bash board account
2. Click on posting
3. Click on edit post
4. Look for the post you want to edit, click edit in front of the post
5. Scrow down, click on post option on the left hand side
6. Change the date  
7. Finally, click on publish
                       Isn't that easy!!!! lo!!  

                                    Your Health Tips
Do you know overdose of paracetamol can cause acute liver failure. avoid excessive sugar salt drink minimum  2.5 litres of water (H2O) a day.
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