How to Check Whether Your Medicines(Drugs) are Genuine or Fake Fresh Deals Alert

How to Check Whether Your Medicines(Drugs) are Genuine or Fake

Fake drugs is a big problem, the multi-billion dollar highly profitable industry have lurked many counterfeit medicines to flood the market. And unlike other "product duplicates", medicine fakes pose a greater threat to human lives. If this is not enough, checking a medicine for genuineness is not something easily achievable at a users level - as it needs complex analysis with a suitably equipped laboratory.

Thank God technology has always came to our rescue when needed, and to fight the counterfeit medicines we now have a tech solution at hand

Dubbed PharmaSecure the barcoding technology allows consumers to verify the genuineness of medicine purchased by sending a unique identification code found on the product package to PharmaSecure by SMS (+91-9901099010), web, voice or mobile application. Within seconds, PharmaSecure sends a response to the consumer confirming that the product is authentic or alerting the consumer if it is suspect or expired.


Kill the fake drugs before fake drugs kill you

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