How to Schedule happy birthday Greetings to Facebook friends Fresh Deals Alert

How to Schedule happy birthday Greetings to Facebook friends

Facebook is great for avoiding awkward moments like forgets a friend's birthday, but sometimes having a notice on Facebook about a birthday isn't enough. After all, getting a daily reminder of one's birthday a week in advance might make you forget about it by the time the day reaches; or you may not even log on to Facebook to see the reminder. Luckily enough,
For Android users, there's an app that can post a birthday message for your Facebook friends automatically. So if you forget, or just get busy and don't get to it, your friends won't feel forgotten.

                                 So How Do I Set It Up.

 1: Download Birthday Scheduler for Fb Lite from the Android Market. As shown in the picture below

 2: Enter your Facebook credentials (information).
 (i) allow the app to access your Friend List.As shown below

3:  Create a service for the friend by clicking on the + symbol next to the name. 
           As shown below

 4: Click on the pencil icon to open the customization options for that friend.
       As shown in the pic below

 5:  Finally enter a customized message and set the time you want the app to post your birthday wish.

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