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Android software is a program that is capable of running on the Android mobile operating system provided by Google. Android is an open source operating system that anyone can make modifications to or create applications that can run with it. Since Android is an open source, its software is also an open source, making Android software  compatible with other systems  Free Android software I have listed below.

                                           iMap Weather
iMap Weather is a free program for iPhones, Androids, Palm Pilots, and Blackberries that is designed to alert the user to any type of weather-related emergency. iMap Weather displays weather conditions in graphical, real-time visualizations and can show the user several perspectives including local weather conditions, statewide weather conditions, as well as federal and global weather conditions.
WordPlayer is a free application specifically designed for Android phones that allows Android users to download eBooks from the Internet.  Users can also change the font size and font type of the text, background color, text color, and can even set their Android phone to change the pages of WordPlayer eBooks by flicking their wrist. The software also includes page navigation and bookmarking and can jump to any specific point in any ebook.
                                    WikiMobile Encyclopedia
WikiMobile Encyclopedia is  free Android software that provides the user with the entire Wikipedia article collection including pictures in a mobile environment.  WikiMobile Encyclopedia allows users to search for any subject and display any relevant pages that Wikipedia has, just like the online version. 
                                            GPS Status
GPS Status is a free, fun, and useful application for any Android device. It allows users to check their GPS location at any time and from anywhere in the world where a mobile signal or Internet access is available. GPS Status displays a real-time, graphical visualization of where the user is and includes a built-in digital compass that can point users to either magnetic North or true North.
iDownloader is a free application made for iPhones, Androids, and similar devices. iDownloader allows the user to download anything from the Internet directly to the mobile device. It can download movies, audio, music, documents, pictures, and any other type of file and display it within the iDownloader interface. iDownloader features a built-in integrated web browser and has no limit to the amount of files that the user can download.

Deskbell is another free Android software that is designed to produce a loud ring or chime whenever the user wishes. Deskbell can be used to alert waiters, clerks, and retail employees to the user's presence. It can also annoy friends and even wake the user up. Deskbell includes Internet access for updates, a door bell, wind chime, gong, cowbell, ringing telephone.

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