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Download BlackBerry Apps Locker for Free

Every BlackBerry®  user wish is to access all  features of device by him or her alone. Well, you can now  protect your specific apps on your Blackberry device for FREE with full functionality.  AppsLock app for Blackberry. This app makes access to your favorite Applications, Password Protected.

                                      Component of the app
   (i) Lock all Applications installed on Phone Memory
   (ii) Lock call logs, address book, calendar etc.
   (iii) Simple and Great UI
  (iv) Lock/unlock all installed apps  Social Sites like Facebook  and  including   BlackBerry® Messenger.
   (v)Locks SMS and MMS 
   (vi) You can now Lock all the Native Applications and Third party Applications
                                                       How To Install AppsLock 
1.Scroll to BlackBerry AppWorld on your BB 
2. launch the program.
3.Type : APPSLOCK FREE in the Search box
4. Click on Apps.
5. Click on APPSLOCK Free 
 6.Click on install.
                                  Click here to Download software  
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