Finally open the network to mobile 3Gs, 4, 4S Fresh Deals Alert

Finally open the network to mobile 3Gs, 4, 4S

Finally after a long wait of more than 6 months, was open to all network devices that are running iOS 5 by modifying the application from Cydia called SAM. So yesterday was the opening of the network is available through the slices with a slice external mounted phone, such as Givi and other handsome but this solution with an expensive price tag dozens of dollars, but eventually became open network is available for free through the application of SAM.

Notes important before beginning:

  1. This method is only closed for devices on a single network, if you do not know if your phone is closed or not if the answer is " further from this method . "
  2. Please accuracy in terms of implementation of the steps that ignore any step or any error would lead to the failure of the network and re-open all the steps.
  3. If your device is closed on the AT & T prefers to use the official method described in this article .
  4. This method will open the network to the current network only if you change the slide to another network then repeat the following steps.
  5. Be aware that this method is only available for devices that contain currently Jailbreak.
  6. Last Jailbreak is not restricted for iOS 5.0.1 and they can be reached via this link for 4S or this link for 4 and 3GS .
  7. There Jailbreak for iOS 5.1, but restricted to remind him that not only care about where the remembrance of the final unrestricted versions of our desire not to cause problems for users.

Open Cydia and add the Alsors follows:
Look for the application of SAM, and downloaded.
Will appear on the screen a new icon called SAMPerfs as in the following image:
Click on this icon and select Utilities
Click on the De-Activate iPhone
You will see a confirmation message
Now back to the front page and choose More Information.
Make sure it shows you UnActivated in the case of the phone as in the image:
Now go back to the home page, and change the method of identifying your location on the current by pressing the Method
Select Country And Carrier and select your country and mobile operator, which it Slide your current network to open its  Which is closed by the phone originally.
After selecting the state and choose the mobile operator SIM ID and you will choose only one (s) select it.
Now go to the More Information again
Do Baltzleil IMSI numbers and copy them.
Now click on the Spoof Real SIM To SAM which will copy the data in Khanh SAM Details below to check SIM Details
Now make sure that the numbers in the boxes SAM Details and SIM Details replicas
Now go back to the home page and paste the numbers that you had previously copied in the category of IMSI
Make sure again that the figures that have been glued to the similar numbers that you copied in step # 13
Now Connect your device and open the computer-IP iTunes and iTunes will activate the IP phone.
After activation then betrayed by clicking twice on the phone number of the shows you ICCID number as in the following image and make sure that this figure is similar to slide the phone number.
Now connect your device to disconnect the Palai and open the iTunes application SAM again by SAMPerfs icon on the screen to show you as follows:
Clear activation by closing Enabled and some boxes will disappear and will appear as follows:
Now connect your device again Balaj iTunes and you will see the following failure message and this message normal and must show that does not mean the failure of activation.
Close the IP iTunes and open it again and wait for the seconds and will be activation and you will find the network emerged. Congratulations "

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