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How Do I Download Music on iTunes?

Apple iTunes is a site for downloading inexpensive music right to one's computer. Downloading music on iTunes is not difficult. To begin with, make sure to download the latest version of iTunes. Every time you turn on the program, To ensure that you download your music without a problem, simply download it and install. 

                                    What Must Be Done

1.Create an account 
2.Attach a credit card to it.If you want to use credit card
3.Click buy an iTunes gift card to get your music. If you are using gift card.
3.Authorize this computer to play the downloadable content.( Apple allows up to five different computers to play iTunes music). 
4.Click on the "Store" link on the left sidebar. 
5.Select what you want or go to the top right where the search bar is located. 
6.Type the specific song or artist into that.
7.Click on buy song button.
8.Click confirm that you want to use that form of payment.If you are using your credit card.
9.Enter the gift card that you have purchased. If you are using gift card.
10.Allow the download to complete.
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