How to Activate Internet Sharing Via Wi-Fi (AirPort) On Mac to Other Devices Fresh Deals Alert

How to Activate Internet Sharing Via Wi-Fi (AirPort) On Mac to Other Devices

You can connect your Mac computer internet connectivity with other devices at the same time. you can share the same connection with other devices using ad-hoc Wi-Fi internet sharing. The step-by-step illustrated instructions  below will allow your Mac computer to act as an WiFi router, Wi-Fi internet sharing capability comes built-in with Mac OS X and no  need to install additional software - the internet sharing feature just needs to get activated as shown ahead.

Internet Sharing

1.Open System Preference
2.Click Internet and Wireless
3.Click sharing button 

 4.Click the Internet Sharing check-box.
 Make sure you select options as per you configuration, for example in the screen-shot shared below I am allowing the Ethernet connection to get shared via AirPort/WiFi and iPhone USB.

5.When Internet Sharing status is on, the light will turn green, and your mac will be visible to all in-range WiFi devices with internet sharing enabled


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