How to Convert Your Cedis Credit( airtime) to Megabyte-VODAFONE--Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Convert Your Cedis Credit( airtime) to Megabyte-VODAFONE--Ghana

Many internet surfers would want to browser at low cost or free of charge.There are several ways you can go about it.If you are a customer of Vodafone and want to browser at very low cost, then you need to convert your Cedis GHC credits Airtime to megabyte.Am here to share with you my blog readers. You just exercise patience I will walk you through the steps one after the other.

                   So What Should I Do

1. Dial *700#, it give you following options
     (a)Internet packages
2. Choose internet packages by dialing one (1)
 Following data and it's corresponding amount
(i) Dial one (1) for 1.5GB cost 30GHC last for 30 days
(ii) Dial two (2) for 2.5GB cost 45GHC last for 30 days
(iii) Dial three (3) for 5GG cost 80GHC last for 30 days
(iv) Dial four (4) for 7GB cost 150 GHC last for 60 days
(v) Dial five (5) for 400MB cost 8GHC last for 30 days
(vi) Dial six (6) for 100MB cost 3GHC last for 1 day 
(vii) Dial seven (7) for 30MB cost 1GHC last for day
NOTE; Charges may change with time.

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