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How to Connect a TV to a PC

The most readily available S-Video connector is the 4 pin mini-DIN connectorI. It has an impedance of 75 ohms. 7-pin mini-DIN connectors are used on laptops and video cards. 4-pin mini-DIN connectors can be used with 7-pin sockets, but not the other way around. Video cards use the 9-pin DIN connector with Video In/Video Out functionality.
Even though the usage of S-Video is quite widespread, better technology standards such as DVI and HDMI are more in vogue now. The major drawback of S-video is that it is inadequate for high definition video signals.

             How to connect a TV to a PC

Below are the requirements for connecting your television to your desktop pc/laptop:
  • Computer must have a video card with a TV-Out connector
  • Television must have a TV-IN or VIDEO-IN connector.
  • S-Video cable to connect both devices.
You will also have to make a few changes to the computer settings to correctly display video output on the television. To change your computer display settings, perform the following steps:
1.Click Start and click Control panel.
2.When the Control Panel window appears, Double-click the icon Display.
3.Click the tab Settings and then click the button Advanced. NB. The options for Advanced differ based on the installed video graphics card. For example, if your graphics card manufacturer is ATI or NVIDIA, you will find a tab with the same name. Click on the tab.
4.The tab usually displays options such as Clone or Dual Multiple Display.
5.Select the appropriate display mode to enable viewing on your television.
The newer graphics cards come equipped with Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors. DVI is a video transmission standard used for transporting uncompressed digital video data to a display. Graphics cards with DVI output work well with plasma or LCD TVs.

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