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How to Display ads on login-protected pages

If you have posts on your blog such as EBooks and has to be login before it can be read. I am here to share with you a post that teaches you how to display Google Ads around such post.   
Once your application has been approved, you can display Google ads on pages behind a login by creating a crawler login. This will give the AdSense crawler access to visit your pages and deliver targeted ads.To do so, you'll need to provide login details for your site, and verify your site using the Webmaster Tools and other Webmaster resources provided below. Please follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Visit your Account settings page.
  3. In the "Access and authorization" section, click "edit logins."
  4. Provide login details that our crawler will use to access your site. (See list of necessary details.)
  5. Sign in to Webmaster Tools using your Google Account. You must be using your Google Account in order for any changes you make in Webmaster Tools to be reflected in your AdSense account.
  6. Add a site to your account. This should be the site that you'd like to allow our crawler to access.
  7. Choose "Verify your site" under the >> Next step section..
Once you've verified your site, the login details that you have provided should allow the AdSense crawler to reach your pages and provide targeted ads.

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