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How to Give Facebook Pages Nicknames

 A simplified URL makes it easier to direct friends to your page.
The default URL for a Facebook page includes a long, automatically generated string of numbers that makes it unwieldy to link to the Facebook page from an external site. Fortunately, Facebook offers the option of creating a customized "username" which can act as a nickname for your page. Once you've defined a nickname, your site will be accessible via a custom URL in the form

2. Click the Continue button to verify your account if you have not already done so.
3. Enter your cellphone number in the window that opens, then
4. Click Continue.
5. Check your phone for a text or wait for a phone call to find your verification code,
6. Enter it in the space provided on Facebook and
7. Click  Continue.
8.  Click Submit on the window that opens.

9. Click the page on the drop-down menu for which you want to define a nickname.
10. Choose the nickname you want to attach to your Facebook page
11. Enter it in the space provided.
12. Click "Check Availability." Repeat as necessary until you find an available name.
13. Click "Confirm" on the window that opens.

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