Download Scydo to Make Free Calls on Android and iPhone Fresh Deals Alert

Download Scydo to Make Free Calls on Android and iPhone

Scydo  is a software that helps you  make FREE Android calls AND iPhone calls to other Scydo users. You can use the Scydo App worldwide to make free Android calls and free iPhone calls as long as your friends and family have also installed the scydo application, so spread the word!
 Scydo offers straight peer-to-peer calls, so any calls to Scydo contacts by using our voip-out
service will be free.
 No hassle with usernames and emails; your friends' phone number is all you need to use Scydo. No additional buddy lists! Just use your regular contact list to select your Scydo contacts!
Great sound quality! Scydo has access to the best networks and services, which beats out the quality of regular phone providers. 
Start saving money now and use Scydo for your FREE Android calls and FREE iPhone calls!
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                              Click Here To Download Scydo Software

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