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How to Edit Comment on Your Facebook Wall

Yes Facebook has done it again by addition of edit comment feature. Your friend uploads a picture of their new puppy to Facebook, and you somehow manage to leave a comment congratulating them instead on their “new pappy.”So what do you do? Until now, the only thing Facebook would let you do to correct the error was to delete the comment and start again.

Facebook is now offering the ability to edit your comment — and change that pappy back to the puppy you intended in the first place. While users can now edit, or completely change, their comments, Facebook has included transparency and an ability to track edits. This is possible through the new "edit history" log which will show users every change that has been made to any particular comment.

                                         What Should I Do Now

====>Click on the small pencil icon on the right side of your comment. 
====>Click on edit option in the drop-down menu.
====>Click on delete option to delete entire comment.
                                        Below is screenshot

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