How to Bundle or Convert Your Airtime(Credit) From Cedis to Megabyte-TIGO Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Bundle or Convert Your Airtime(Credit) From Cedis to Megabyte-TIGO Ghana

Now a day it will better for anyone who surf the internet always to bundle he/she airtime before browsing starts. Converting your airtime(credit) to megabyte reduces the browsing charges drastically.Good news is that Tigo Ghana has reduce charges for internet Data Bundle   As my blog reader I want share with you how to bundle your airtime on TIGO Ghana Sim Card.You just exercise patient I will walk you the steps one after the other.

                               So How Do I Go About It 

 Dial *600# press send or enter on your PC or Phone
Then, Select data bundle
1.Dial 1(one) for unlimited day, Cost 99GHp.
2.Dial 2 for unlimited week, Cost 5.99GHp. 
3.Dial 3 for unlimited month. Cost 22..99GHC

4. Dial 4 for Modem bundle 

1..Dial 1 for unlimited day, Cost 1.99GHC.
2.Dial 2 for unlimited week, Cost 9.99GHC. 
3.Dial 3 for unlimited month, Cost 39.99GHC

4.Dial 8 for More.

1.Dial 1(one) for 1.5GB, Cost 19.99GHC Last for 30 days
2.Dial 2 for 2.5GB, Cost 30.00GHC, Last for 30days
3.Dial 3 for 4.5GB. Cost 55.00GHC, Last for 30 days
4. Dial 4 for 6.5GB, Cost 75.00GHC, Last for 30days

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