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How to Convert iTunes to Windows Media Player without DRM

A common problem created by both Apple and Microsoft for consumers is getting music to work across the iTunes and Windows Media Player applications. If you are a regular user of the iTunes program and want to export music to play in Windows Media Player, you will have to convert iTunes to Windows Media Player format or a common format that can be used on both players. One of the more popular options for this type of conversion is MP3. You just follow the instructions below and you will be through.
If you have purchased or uploaded iTunes songs within the past few years, then they are loaded without DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) and can be directly converted. If the music was purchased before 2009, then it likely has DRM embedded in the music and must be ripped to CD first before conversion to MP3.

 1.Open the  iTunes music player by double clicking the program icon on your computer’s desktop or selecting from the “Program Files” sub-menu of the Windows Start menu.
 2.Select the “Edit,” “Preferences,” and “General” menu tabs.
 3.Select the “Import Settings” menu option followed by changing the “Import Using” menu option to “MP3 Encoder.”
 4.Choose the “Ok” menu button and then open the iTunes music library in “List View.”
 5.Highlight the music to convert to MP3 by holding the “CTRL” key while individually clicking on tracks or press the “Shift” key and click on the last song in the library.
 6.Select the “Advanced” menu button followed by choosing the “Create MP3 Version” menu choice.
 7.iTunes will being converting the music. For large libraries, this can take significant time and must be completed before proceeding to load the music in Windows Media Player.
 8.After the conversion is complete, launch Windows Media Player on your computer.
 9.Select the “File” and “Add to Library” menu options or press the “F3” key.
 10.Choose the “Ok” menu button and Windows Media Player will begin searching for music on your computer that is in compatible formats to include the music you converted to MP3 from iTunes.
 11.After Windows Media Player has finished searching the computer; select the MP3 tracks to load into the application to complete the conversion from iTunes to Windows Media Player.
In my next post I will schooled you on how to convert iTunes to windows media player with DRM

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