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How to Convert iTunes to Windows Media Player With DRM

A common problem created by both Apple and Microsoft for consumers is getting music to work across the iTunes and Windows Media Player applications. If you are a regular user of the iTunes program and want to export music to play in Windows Media Player, you will have to convert iTunes to Windows Media Player format or a common format that can be used on both players. One of the more popular options for this type of conversion is MP3.You just follow the instruction below.

Step 1 – Launch the iTunes media player.
Step 2 – Choose the “Preferences” menu option and then click the “Burning” or equivalent button in iTunes.
Step 3 – Select “Audio CD” as the format for burning and “CD.” Then, select a playlist to burn to CD to then convert to MP3 that can be loaded in Windows Media Player.
Step 4 – Select the “Burn Disc” menu option and insert a blank CD-R/W or CD-R into the computer’s CD/DVD-R drive.
Step 5 – Choose the “Burn Disc” menu option to start ripping the music from iTunes to the CD.
Step 6 – After the burn completes, close the CD/DVD if it has opened post-burn. Then, open the disc in the iTunes application.
Step 7 – Right click individual tracks and select the “Convert Selection to MP3” menu option (or equivalent based on version of iTunes on your computer. After conversion to MP3 is complete,
Step 8 – After the conversion is complete, launch Windows Media Player on your computer.
Step 9 – Select the “File” and “Add to Library” menu options or press the “F3” key.
Step 10 – Choose the “Ok” menu button and Windows Media Player will begin searching for music on your computer that is in compatible formats to include the music you converted to MP3 from iTunes.
Step 11- After Windows Media Player has finished searching the computer; select the MP3 tracks to load into the application to complete the conversion from iTunes to Windows Media Player and  finish loading the iTunes music into Windows Media Player.

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