How to Make Link in Post Opens in A New Window Fresh Deals Alert

How to Make Link in Post Opens in A New Window

Many websites/blogs I visited since I started blogging in 2011 when I click on a link on a page am reading the page disappear and new page appears. I then have to click on Back arrow before it takes me to my previous page meanwhile other page is also gone.As a blogger and blog reader, I must confess it rally hate and discourages me to visit your website/blog for the second time.As a blogger want to share with you any blogger who reads this article to learn the trick to open new page in a new window while you are still on previous page.Feel free and relax read the tricks below

 ===> log in your account
===> Click on posting
===> Click on link on your tying board for a new small window to open
===> Tick the box that has Open This Link In A New Window

  Below is screenshot

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