How to Track Your Cars and Vehicles on Your BlackBerry Fresh Deals Alert

How to Track Your Cars and Vehicles on Your BlackBerry

M1 Move is free software that works on BlackBerry devices, but device security settings vary between
operators, different phone models, company profiles, and even SIM card type. This can cause
problems.Please note that M1Move requires the application to be running to be able to get messages
from the inbox. You can also force messages to application by sending command “Adduser,
phonenumber, M1PC”, especially if you don't get certain reports to M1Move. In some cases, it
also helps giving the phone number in an international format using “00” instead of “+” as country
code prefix.

   Below is a few tips for getting M1 Move working on BlackBerry devices:

        ( A) Options / Security Options / Firewall

1. Change Firewall to Enabled (if not already)
2. Reboot the device (Turn off and and restart)
3. Retry M1 Move
4. For security queries, select “Do not ask for X” and then select Allow, so in the future
you will not get that pop-up

Note! This is needed only for Java version, not the certified BlackBerry version
This settings affects the queries (such as "Do you want to allow the application m1 move to act as
a server").

                        (B) Connection type setting in M1 Move

This setting affects digital maps functionality from within M1 Move. If you have a BIS plan on your BlackBerry device, you may need to
1. change the Connection Type setting which is the last item in the M1 Move / Application Settings -screen.
2.For the 1.54 M1Move version the normal BlackBerry setting is “AutoDetect” which will go
through different connection options and use available one. There is also WIFI setting available
which will only try to connect via wifi.

Note! In some circumstances you should try out Normal / BIS / BES each one if you are experiencing problems with the first selected ones.

                                (C)  APN Settings
Setting APN settings for Internet connectivity may be needed for getting digital Maps via web
working in M1 Move. If you get a “Tunnel failed” or “IllegalArgumentException” error when using
digital maps, this is the way to fix it.
Also make sure your device can otherwise connect to the Internet – i.e. that you can use the
Browser and other connected applications in the device.

The settings should be entered in Options / Advanced Options / TCP
Sources for APN settings:

1. Please check the verified APN checkings at the end of this document.
2. Your operator home page / help desk (ask for BlackBerry internet connectivity APN)
3. The listing at: – select your country and provider
4. The listing at:
5. The listing at:

Note: This alone is not enough for 3rd party applications (like M1 Move) to connect correctly.

 For vehicle settings unit phone number, you can try using “00” as country prefix instead of “+”.APN Settings The following settings have been verified.

Bahrain / Balteco
Username wap
Password wap

Nigeria / MTN
Username dona
Password weste
Username web
Password 1234

Philippines / Globe
Username globe
Password globe

Philippines / Smart
APN internet

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