How I Bypass the Restrictions in New Apple OS X Mountain Lion Fresh Deals Alert

How I Bypass the Restrictions in New Apple OS X Mountain Lion

Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now available and comes with the new security feature called Gatekeeper This new security feature does is to prevent installation of unauthorized applications on user computer safeguarding them against malicious software.The OS X Gatekeeper looks for verified “signature” by Apple in every application and block others.

MAC Gatekeeper Restriction

                                    How Should I Go About It

There are two ways the Temporarily and Permanent, choose the one that suit you.

                                        Temporarily Disability
  1. Click open the installer while  Hold down the Control (CTRL) key . A menu would appear.
  2. Select Open from the menu.
  3. Select "Open anyway" to continue your installation of non-verified (Apple code-signed) application.

                      Permanently disability 
  1. Open OS X, System Preferences application.
  2. Open Security and Privacy settings.
  3. Select Anywhere option. From General tab, in Allow applications downloaded from section  
  4. Choose Allow from anywhere.

                                      Click Here To Do Your Bypass

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