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Security Options to Protect Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Not quite long a go my Blackberry fall Phone robbers so it was stolen.  Later I decided to protect my new blackberry even if someone steals it S/HE can't use it. I therefore design five preemptive steps to take before your BlackBerry smartphone  devices are stolen. Today, Make no mistake about it, the BlackBerry OS was designed with security integrated into every aspect of the operating system; we are really only scratching the surface here on some of its user configurable security options.Below are security options.

                                                   Memory Cleaning

To make things even harder for hackers who may have gained physical access to a BlackBerry smartphone and may have advanced tools to dismantle it for unencrypted data that is stored in system RAM, you can enable "Memory Cleaning" under Advanced Security Settings. This will cause the BlackBerry to periodically wipe temporary user data such as the clipboard, encrypted messages and cached data from memory, rendering it impervious to recovery.

                                  Onboard Encryption

RIM was ahead of its time by its implementation of encryption for device memory, which encrypts its onboard storage memory to defend against attempts to extricate potentially sensitive files. This encryption extends to the removable media card, preventing it from being accessed from a computer. Both device memory and media card encryption can be configured to skip media files so as not to bog down the processor, and is configured under "Encryption" of the Security menu.


                                                       Password Protection

All BlackBerry smartphones support the use of a password to protect from misplaced or stolen devices. Configuring a password forces users to choose an inactivity timeout to automatically lock the device, and set at one minute up to an hour. To resist brute-force attempts, the device will also perform a data wipe should the wrong password be keyed in multiple times — configurable to between three to 10 wrong password attempt

                                                        Security Wipe

One way to initiate a data wipe is from the "Security Wipe" submenu. Users have the option to delete application and user data from the BlackBerry, including user installed applications or the data stored on the media card. The amount of time varies depending on the options chosen, but can take anything from 10 minutes to upwards of an hour due to the intensive data scrubbing process.

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