Add Your Receiver and Send Money to Family on MTN Mobile Money Online (MTN MMO) Fresh Deals Alert

Add Your Receiver and Send Money to Family on MTN Mobile Money Online (MTN MMO)

Quite recently I wrote an article on how to create and receive money on your mobile phone.It is good for Network service provides are bringing on board new innovative products. I want to share  with you on how to transfer money from your MTN MMO account. You can get support via email and phone during normal business hours.

===>To begin transferring money, you first need to register by completing our online registration form. You will receive an email confirming your registration allowing you to log into the system and personalize your account.

===>You must send a copy of your passport and a bank statement showing residential address. Both documents need to be signed and dated and uploaded on our portal. You can upload at the time of registration or log in afterwards.
Paperwork once and you’re done.
MTN MMO team will call you to confirm your registration and send you an SMS after your documents have been approved and then you are ready to transfer money In the left-hand column.
===>Click Recipients and proceed with creating a new receiver and finish by clicking Add. 
You will see the new recipient appear in your Existing Recipients list at the bottom of the page.
                                How Do I Transfer Fund on MTN MMO
                                      In the left-hand column, 

1.Click New Transfer 
2.Select where you are sending the money from.
3.Select the country to which you are sending.
4.Select the desired Payment Method. 
You can fund the transfer using either a debit card or via a bank transfer into our client account (bank details found under the INFO section). I recommend that you use a debit card to fund your transfer because this allows us to send the money within seconds.

5.Select Payment detail: Click on Add/Edit to enter your debit card details if you haven’t already registered your card details under Payment detail in the left hand column. 
6.Select Recipient: Select the recipient from the drop-down list (which you registered in Step 2 above). If you don’t see your intended receiver, 
7.Click on Add/Edit on the right to check that you added the recipient as in Step 2 above.

8.Enter the amount you want to transfer:. If you have a promotional voucher then enter it here.
9.Review the Fees and the Total Amount, 
10.Click on Next to proceed to view the exchange rate that we offer and the Transfer 

11.Click to confirm that you agree with the Terms & Conditions, and then click on Submit to finalize the transfer.
Once the transaction has been issued (immediately using a debit card or delayed using bank funding), you will receive an email and SMS text message confirming the relevant details.

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