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Most often your inbox is flooded with all unnecessary messages from unknown sources. It's really annoying. All these spammers are seeking for your details so that they could easily hack into your  secrete information. I had been able to get a solution that will help stop spammers one time. Get your own free Boxbe account. Make sure you receive email from people who matter to you and end your email overload.With Boxbe, your inbox is no longer a free-for-all. Leverage your existing contact lists to prioritize your Inbox. Easily set up your free Boxbe account with Yahoo, Gmail, Google Apps, or AOL
Make sure you receive email from friends, family, and co-workers. Clutter-free.

     Visit and create an account

When some sends you a message  the person must confirm to ensure that the person is not spamming. Below is the you receive inbox(sender)
'Hi - thanks for sending me a message. I am using Boxbe to manage my email inbox. Once you're on my Guest List, your email to me will be delivered with priority".

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