How To Stop Apple And Advertisers From Tracking You On iOS 6 Fresh Deals Alert

How To Stop Apple And Advertisers From Tracking You On iOS 6

 Much of your iPhone activity including your web browsing, app store downloads and more  is transmitted to advertisers through various channels so that they can serve up relevant advertisements and offers for you. Although these services have mechanisms in place to ensure that you can't be identified, you still might be a little uneasy about all of that information getting sent off to unclear dimensions Luckily for you and your privacy concerns, Apple has provided users with several ways, especially on iOS 6, to limit the amount of information that gets transmitted to third parties.  Here are three settings you should tweak if you want to limit the activity tracking that occurs by default on your iPhone.

                         1. Limit Ad Tracking 
===>Go to Settings, >>> General >>>About >>> Advertising. 
===>Turn-On Limit Ad Tracking ( to the "On" position).

                  2. Opt Out Of Targeted iAds
===>Open Safari on your iPhone
===>Flip the switch to "Off,"

===>Go into Settings, >>> Privacy, >>> Location Services, >>> System Settings (at the bottom), ===>Switch "Location-Based iAds" to the "Off" position.
                       3. Do Not Track
===>Turn on "Private Browsing."
===>Open up Settings,
===>Go into the Settings of Safari.
===>Switch Private Browsing to "On" 
You can learn more about the Do Not Track movement by visiting the official website which will also tell you whether you have Do Not Track enabled on your browser
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