How to Unlock iPhone 4 Remotely Locked Via "Apple Find My Phone Fresh Deals Alert

How to Unlock iPhone 4 Remotely Locked Via "Apple Find My Phone

About month ago I was socked to know that somebody has hack into my "Find My iPhone" Apple account and remotely locked my phone using a new passcode , sadly the old hacks to reset the forgotten iPhone passcode did not work as Apple patched the security hole in newer iOS 5 builds.
I tried using the old-school trick of deleting password files from iPhone raw filesystem (com.apple_.springboard.plist and keychain-2.db) but due to new security features in iOS 5 they did not worked. Am here to share with you how  I unlock it.

System File Hack

System File Hack
 I tried many lock codes and luckily "1234" worked for me and my phone got unlocked.
If you could not  get the unlock passcode, the ONLY option left is to "restore" your iPhone using iTunes.

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