Truck Your Stolen Laptop device Fresh Deals Alert

Truck Your Stolen Laptop device

 If you're giving or receiving a new laptop for the holidays, you may want to consider an added layer of protection.Laptop theft at it's peaks during the holiday season, according to theft-prevention company Absolute Software. There are plenty of laptop-tracking apps and gadgets that can track your stolen computer. But, in most cases, that's the easy part. It's not guaranteed local law enforcement will help you retrieve the laptop after you've tracked it down.
LoJack for Laptops, however, is a service that helps laptop owners physically recover stolen devices. Absolute Software is one of the only Internet-security companies nearly guaranteeing your stolen laptop's safe return. The company places the odds of recovering a stolen laptop at around 3%. With with LoJack for Laptops, it's more like three out of four instances, according to a company spokesperson.
Below are websites  to download the software

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