How to Activate New YouTube design on Google Chrome and Firefox Fresh Deals Alert

How to Activate New YouTube design on Google Chrome and Firefox

A revamped version of the YouTube has been launched and if you want to get a sneak peak at the redesign you can, by following some simple steps.This time around the changes are more subtle. There’s much more white used in the interface design, and the new YouTube offers even quick access to all your channels and social activity.
It has more of a feel of Google+ about it and perhaps this is an attempt to bring Google’s social network closer to the video site.The new YouTube design has only been activated for certain users until now. However, with a simple trick you can activate the new site now in Firefox or Chrome.

1. Open YouTube

Go to YouTube, where you’ll see the current site design 

2. Open the developer console in your browser

Now you need to open the developer console in your browser, which you can do using a keyboard shortcut:
In the section above (in Firefox) or below (in Chrome) the browser window, the developer console will appear.

3. Add the following code

In the space used for adding new code, paste the following piece of code:

4. The new design

Now you just need to click Enter and you’ll see the new version of YouTube!

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