Documents Needed to be a Teacher/Educator in Republic of South Africa Fresh Deals Alert

Documents Needed to be a Teacher/Educator in Republic of South Africa

 Many graduate teachers want to travel outside the country Ghana especially to Republic of South Africa for teaching appointment. Simple reason is that teachers are not well-paid here in Ghana as compare to counterpart in SA. Yes no doubt about that at all.In every community everyone is expected to take care of the extended family with respect to our tradition. Just imagine two graduates are from the same university with the same course of study. One is Member of Parliament and other is teacher, MP receives GHC 50,000 for rent allowance and teacher receives nothing for rent allowance so am all for it, teachers who want to travel to SA for teaching appointment.It is far better to take up teaching appointment in SA than in GHANA.
I am ever ready share with you the documents you needed before you travel to republic of South Africa for teaching appointment. No connection man is needed.

                  What are these documents you needed
==> Get your Ghana passport ready.If you don't have walk into any commercial banks such as ADB, GCD etc and purchase one. As at the time I'm writing this post. Ordinary cost GHC 50 and Express cost GHC 100.
==>Apply for country's VISA you want to go to.(Here you need someone who will quicken the process) 
==> Get your  SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority)  certificate. You can get it online or From their Headquarters in South Africa @ SAQA House 1067 Arcadia Street, Hatfield 0083
==>Get certificate of council South African Educators.
You can then ask someone to search for public school in South Africa for you.I am not deceiving you, you make it if you only get public school in SA.

==> Working permit in SA Embassy

For documents you needs for quick approval from SAQA visit
 If you want me one-on-one contact 
Skype ID; victor.kutufam
Mobile Number +233246456667/ +233267048187
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