How to Stop Someone Accessing Your Inbox Information on Facebook Fresh Deals Alert

How to Stop Someone Accessing Your Inbox Information on Facebook

Just imagine you  asked someone to create Facebook account for you. Don't you think this person can keep your email address and password start accessing  all your information in your inbox or wall. Suppose your fiance has sent you sweet love words in your Facebook inbox, Don't you think this person can access your information because he is having your password and email address. This is a story my friend told me. Don't let  this happen to you ever in your life time of Facebooking. I would want to share with how to stop someone accessing information in your Facebook inbox.You will see screen shot below the steps.
How Do I Stop Someone Accessing Inbox Information on Facebook
1. Log in your account
2. Click  on Star icon of right corner on your wall
3. Click on Account Setting
4. Click on Edit in front of Password
5. Type the current password you want to change
6. Type the New Password you want to use
7. Click on Save Changes 
You can follow above steps to make every changes you wish. Please don't ask anyone to make the changes for you do it yourself.

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