Ultimate Invention "O.B.E Gun Bullet Remover" Fresh Deals Alert

Ultimate Invention "O.B.E Gun Bullet Remover"

Wow, I stand for correction, I has been online for pass seven years and active blogger since 2010, my search has not landed me on this kind of technology before call it ultimate invention. I was in staff common room when my  technical student approached me with his technology named O.B.E Bullet Removal.As the name implies, the student told me that this device removes gun bullets from the SKIN with the help of Sun light.This device can be used by military, police, hospital and individuals to retrieve gun bullets from the victim's skin before rushing  him/her to hospital for treatment.
                          Experimentation on Plant
1.The device was first used on stock of plantain sucker, We shot the base of this plantain and we were able to retrieved all bullets from the plant.
                              Experimentation on Animal
2.We had to test this device on live animal, We shot a goat, we were able to removed all the bullet from the skin of the goat.
Well, we looking for sponsors from all over the world to add more improvement to 18 year old boy invention since it will help the world a lot 

           If you are interested in sponsoring us let us know
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