How to Insert Google Custom Search Below Your Post Fresh Deals Alert

How to Insert Google Custom Search Below Your Post

Adding Google custom search below Blogger posts is highly recommended if you really want to get the maximum clicks on ads outside your blog. Only three ad units can be displayed per page. but adding custom search will help you display more than three ads.try to do so and see if your Adsense revenue will increase or not.Today, I am sharing with you, the correct way of adding Google custom  search below your blog posts

How To Get Started

==> Log in to
==> Click on "My ads" tab
==> Click the "search" button
==> Fill other options, save and get your ad code.

==> Copy and paste your ad code inside the box 
==> Click the "Encode" button
==> Copy and paste the code somewhere eg in a notepad/word pad

==> Log in to
==> Go to "Template" > "Edit HTML"
==>Click format
==> Click inside 
==> Press CTRL + F on your keyboard 

==> Copy and Paste <data:post.body/> in it
==> Press the ENTER key on your keyboard. 
==> Cope and paste yodur adsense code below <data:post.body/>

Save your template and view your blog. The ads should appear in your post.

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