Protect your property by SMS from your phone Fresh Deals Alert

Protect your property by SMS from your phone

Many people do not enjoy full sleeping over night due to rampant armed robbery cases on our high ways and residence. I must commend our gallant police men and women for patrolling our roads but police alone cannot do not work. Four of  private security companies  have collaborated with technology provider to provide efficient security through mobile phone alert and they be in your aid.  Just by ‘flashing’ or sending blank SMS, the techmology company will alerts:

  • your private security company
  • 10 of your family friend
  • a radio station
  • the Ghana Police Service

 The company charges you fifteen Ghana Cedis per month

                    How Do I Subscribe

1. Buy starter pack from a retailer or partner security companies
2. Activates your subscription by send your PIN and STICKER Number
3. Place your sticker visible on your gate
4. Security company will verify direction and take your GPS coordinates 
5. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you after computation of our information 

                              Phone: +233202402288

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