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Exchange your Old Refrigerator (fridges) for Money

The Ghana Refrigerating Appliance Rebate Program is helping Ghanaians make an energy efficient choice when purchasing an appliance by offering rebates of up to GHS 200 for the purchase of an Energy Efficient Labeled refrigerator and freezer. Participants in this programme will only enjoy the rebates when they surrender their old refrigerators at the point of purchase.
If you don’t think choosing an ENERGY STAR appliance can make a difference, consider these facts:
  • The average household spends about GHS432 each year on their energy bills through the use of refrigerators alone.

                                             Rebate Process
  • Send your old functioning refrigerator to the retail outlet.

  • Refrigerator will be tested to determine that it is functional.

  • If appliance is functional, customers will qualify for a discount on the purchase of a new refrigerator.

  • Choose from eligible refrigerators and pay the difference after redeeming the discount coupon.

  •  The rebates for the Rebate Scheme will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to qualified domestic consumers to purchase 2-star to 5-star rated refrigerators during the implementation period through 

                  Eligibilty Criteria

Appliances Category
The following appliance categories are selected for the Rebate Program:

2-Star to 5-Star Rated Refrigerator with net capacity of 100 to 450 litres

Criteria for Consumer

  • Must be a Ghanaian

  • Must be a domestic electricity user

  • Must have a National Identification Card (provide either voters register or Passport)

  • Must be willing to complete a form providing details on physical location for verification at a later date.

  • Must have a functioning but used refrigerator to turn-in.

Benefits and Savings
Such inefficient appliances result in GH¢ 100 to GH¢ 200 per year of potentially unnecessary electricity expenses for a typical owner which he/she can ill afford. The wasteful consumption of electricity results in more than 0.7 tons per year of CO2 emissions per appliance, an uncontrolled release of CFCs from used appliances can result in the equivalent of another 2 tons of CO2 an inefficient, used appliance is improperly disposed of or replaced. 

• You can save GH¢150.00 on electricity per year by purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator.

• One highly efficient refrigerator consumes the same energy as a 40W light bulb.

BrandModelProduct DescriptionVolume (litres)Star RatingRebate Price
BekoBeko TS 190320Table Top Refrigerator905234
BekoBeko RDE 6193 KLSDouble Door Fridge Freezer1904 590
BekoBeko DSE 28000 KLDouble Door Fridge Freezer2754694
BekoBeko DSE 133010 SDouble Door Fridge Freezer3303 699
BekoBeko DS 145010Double Door Fridge Freezer4504709
BekoBeko DNE 27000KLFrost Free Double Door Fridge Freezer2704599
BekoBeko DN 136110 MFrost Free Double Door Fridge Freezer3604713
CombiCH 134100 DSemi Frost Free Combi Fridge Freezer3704799
BekoBeko FNE 22400Upright Freezer2203709
MasterUCF 300SChest Freezer 2964715
MasterUCF 400SChest Freezer4014 799
 BekoBeko CS 137010Combi Fridge37041,038

LGGC 131STable Top1302 249
LGGC 151 SATable Top1502 295
LGGC 309BV3+3 Shelves3003 932
LGLG GL B282 VML - LVSLG GL B282 VML - LVS2802 838
LGLG REF 249 BV2402649
LGLG REF 342 VML 340 2919
LGLG REF 379 BVC 370 3 879


ModelDescriptionStar RatingRebate Price (GHS)
AkaiAkai Chest Freezer CF026A-200W2525
AkaiAkai Chest Freezer CF029A-300W2645
AkaiAkai Double Door Refrigerator RF040A-330S3669
AkaiAkai Double Door Refrigerator RF041A-330M3669
AkaiAkai Double Door Refrigerator RF038A-230S2505
AkaiAkai Double Door Refrigeratro RF039A-230M2505
AkaiAkai Fridge RF007A 172 (S/F)2499
AkaiAkai Fridge RF007A 172 (S/L) 1E2499
AkaiAkai Fridge BC-90 RF028-902189
AkaiAkai Fridge RF035A-138WM2359
AkaiAkai Fridge RF036A-138S2359
HitachiHitachi Fridge R-T310ERU13995
HitachiHitachi Fridge S/Steel R-T310ERU1 (SLS) 3 1049
IndesitIndesit Fridge TAA12N3640
IndesitIndesit F.P. Fridge F077456 TIAA 12

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