Change your Voice to Female, Cartoon or King--Magic Voice Fresh Deals Alert

Change your Voice to Female, Cartoon or King--Magic Voice

Imagine you called your fiancee/wife and you hear man voice and vice versal what would you do. How would feel if your boy friend called and your father pick it to his surprise he hears female voice. Most of  our phones have voice change feature but few don't. Good news if phone does not support voice change you can still change on your phone to female or cartoon or king to accomplishment your task. You can use this voice change feature to truck those who owe you but they don't pick your calls.
        Requirement: Airtel Sim Card  

                             What Do I Do

 1. Dial 518 and follow the voice prompt and chose one
 For daily pack press 1
 For weekly pack press 2
 2. Dial 518 and  friend  phone number ( eg 518 0246 xxxxxx)
You will be asked to test all the voices on your phone.
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