How I Change the Problems in my Community into Many Dollars($$$$) Fresh Deals Alert

How I Change the Problems in my Community into Many Dollars($$$$)

 We always listen to inspirational words and business ideas from very vocal and influential speakers of which we consider them to be very  important in our daily life. We are always told there several opportunities in our continent Africa without telling us the specific areas where these opportunities exist. The Gospel truth is that these people will not tell specific areas because they face stiff competition from new entrants. I will recommend Only two good speakers in Ghana(Pastor-teacher and journalist) at the tail end of this post.In fact our continent Africa has most opportunities in the world.
You may doubt my assertion! Because Africa  face most challenges in the world, I must say second to none and these challenges pose numerous opportunities . I will help you identify great opportunities available in your area. I must say do not go and waste your time listening to speakers that will earn you nothing. There is a saying that" the third class students create and employ first class students. It is evidenced in our communities most of business gurus are not PHD holders.
                                  How Do I Identify the Opportunity
1. Identify problem in your area which needs solution, try to solve it and earn money. For example  you realise that from your area to market is very far. You can set up small business center. Again in your area you seen that most cars have for sale on them. Get camera and snap the car, and upload it on these free classified market place( eg , , ). Please this business you  do not need a website. Would you believe that I earned GHS 7500 in November 2013

2. Get someone to design very nice website for you. You can contact the designer of to design one for you and tutorials so you can design some for others for money.

3. Now a days Ghanaians like putting bungles around the writ even minister in suit. you can start making and selling then online.
  I must recommend Kojo Oppong Nkrumah formerly with JOY FM and Pastor Mensah Otabil  of ICGC. Please listen to their tapes.

If you want a website please inform me so I design one for you

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