Unlock new opportunities with magazine ads- AdSense New Ads Format Fresh Deals Alert

Unlock new opportunities with magazine ads- AdSense New Ads Format

 Google AdSense has launched a new display-only format known as magazine ads. To optimize revenue, I recommend that you enable both text and display for your ad units, however it is recognize that the type of ads you feature on your site is also influenced by your own style preferences. As a result, Google AdSense team has created a new format allowing text advertisers to increase competition on your display-only ad units while maintaining a design aesthetic suitable for display.
If a text advertiser is the winning bidder for your ad unit, their ad will appear in the magazine ad format. This format has been designed with print magazine ads in mind, putting a big emphasis on space and typography and displaying a new look distinctive from our regular text ads.

Take a look at the examples below to see how magazine ads will look in your display ad units.

If you currently have display-only enabled ads on your site, magazine ads will automatically be set up for these ad units. If you’d prefer not to show magazine ads, you can disable them through the Enhanced display option in the My ads tab in your account. 

For now, when magazine ads are enabled for your display ad units, the Ad Review Center will still show you the original text ad provided by the advertiser and not the the newly-styled magazine ad.
Credit to Google AdSense team 

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