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Data consumption on our continent, especially in Ghana is creasing tremendously be it on smart phone or computers. Communication networks in Ghana are charging users senselessly and no one is taking note of that. I continually keep changing my sim card and I will keep on changing since network keep on charging senselessly. I have been to laid hand on the four communication networks in Ghana such as Airtel, Glo, MTN, and Tigo their data and how these data cost.Please make you compare data and their charges among networks to see which has good products for its customers. All this data remains valid as at the time of writing this article/post

Below is table which network data and their charges

Networks    Daily           Weekly          15Days            Monthly                    45Days     Unlimited

       20MB/50Gp  25MB/IGHC    150MB/5GHC    300MB/10GHC   4GB/60GHC          2G/1.5

*138#    50MB/1GHC           60MB/2GHC            500/15                1GB/20                  8/80

 to         180MB/3GHC                                         2.5/40                  10/120

subscribe 350MB/5                                                                     200/399GHC


         50MB/0.99GHC(DIAL *777# )          400MB/4.49GHC              5.5GB/29.99GHC

           100MB/0.99GHC(DIAL*989#)              600MB//5.99GHC        10GB/49.99GHC

*500#    150MB/2.49GHC                
 to        300MB/2.49GHC                                

*125#      10MB/50GP      50MB/1.5        100MG/10     200/5

  to          20/85GP                                                       750/15

Subscribe 30/1GHC                                                      2GB/30


                                                                                   12/150 FOR 90 DAYS


Send    50MB/1GHC      100MB/2                              2G/25GHC

menu   300/5                 720/10                                  250MB/4

  to                                                                            600/8

127                                                                           1.2GB/15



                                                                                3GB 8AM-8PM/30

                                                                                3GB 8PM-8AM/25

Compare and choose the cheapest data plan. I must recommend that TIGO DATA PLAN IS THE CHEAPEST FOR NOW.

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