How to Create and Receive Cash from Paypal in Ghana Fresh Deals Alert

How to Create and Receive Cash from Paypal in Ghana

If you want to start online business you must have means of paying and receiving cash from customer or clients.Unfortunately most of online payment systems in the world don't allow almost all African countries to transfer or receive money.Payment system such as Paypal,western union, Money gram etc allow you to receive only in certain countries in Africa. I want to share with you how to how to create and receive Fund from Paypal right here in Ghana
Once you have a PayPal account, you'll be able to:
  • Pay for online purchases.
  • Send and request money worldwide.
  • Track your online spending.

               How Do I Get Started

==> visit  and click on sign up
==>There are kinds of accounts, choose one 
==> Click on continue
==> Choose United states or any European countries.
==> You would be asked to provide US address. Google the address
==> You will be asked to verify your account.

How can I fund the PayPal account in Ghana?
==> I will teach you how to purchase/buy online with ZERO/No BALANCE in your PayPal account
==>I will provide you VISA Card ( credit/debt card) if you don't have funds/money in your paypal account the amount is deducted directly from your card when you purchase
==>I will provide you free detailed guide on how to fund the VISA ( credit cards) from your bank account in Ghana. 
==>I will provide you dedicated IP address to use so that your account is not ban. 
How will I withdraw cash from the PayPal account in Ghana?
I will teach how withdraw money from payapal account into Card in Ghana Within 24 hours
I will teach you how to apply for a free PayPal ATM card from their partner site that you can use to withdraw from any VISA enabled ATM card, local bank and Mobile Money Wallet in Ghana
==> You can apply for free USA bank account and MasterCard, and shipped to you wherever you live. 

==>Visit  and create account. 

Contact me for virtual credit card, offshore account and verified PayPal account
Mobile: 0246456667
Facebook:victor Kutufam
Skype ID : victor.kutufam
Whats app: 0557262020

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  1. Hi,I really liked your article and am in the process of verifying, I hope everything goes well when I receive the small amounts in my bank account..if not am going to be very pissed


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