How to Win Big Bid on for Huge Dollars in your Home Fresh Deals Alert

How to Win Big Bid on for Huge Dollars in your Home

Not quite long I published an article on this website titled "how to earn decent $50 hourly right in your home". I had number of messages from subscriber complaining that they had not been able to win a bid on Although winning a bid from this largest online marketplace is very herculean task, but I will teach you sneaky trick so you could win BIG bids.

You must upload very snappy picture which depicts your potentials. If you don't this snappy picture I will show you where you can get one. Most of the jobs on this site,the posters want their work be completed in very short time if not shortest. Below is the sneaky tricks.

1. Use nice profile picture: Get snappy/corporate picture from google corporate picture. You must always corporate/executive picture. Why because most jobs posters want their worked to be done in very short time. If you have corporate picture it means that you are in a team and every team has a lot of worker who will finish the work in short time.

2.Milestone: Means the to be paid into your account before you commence/start the work. Make sure you reduce from 100% to 60% because No employer will give you all the money before start the work.

3.Average Bid Value(AVG BID USD). This value means the rate within which you can bid for a particular job. Make sure your rate revolve around those figures although the system will evaluate your potential and credentials and grade you.Please reduce it to meet job's AVG BID. I am bidding a job  that has avg bid at $132, my bid for that will be $133

4. Click on place bid

5. After clicking place bid, you will see a typing sheet where you submit your proposal to your employer no bidder sees this. Make sure you tell the employer what you are capable of doing. You can use the detailed information about the job  to write your proposal and nothing else . You must have good rapport with employer.
6.Create hire me badge

                     SAMPLE OF PROPOSAL

        Job Description
100 positions  are available
WORKING CONDITION; 3-5hr a day/week
LABOR NEEDED: team and individuals

What would be your proposal?


We are team of experts who provide data entry services to companies and individuals. Our team experts are hardworking and can work 24/7 to complete many jobs in a day . Team members can work for 5-10hr a day and 25-50 a week . We are poised to deliver your work on time. We are the LIFELINE TO YOUR DEADLINE

If you are employer would employ me with this proposal in front of you?
The proposal sample covers major aspect of job demands and condition

6. Click on edit bid to do every corrections

7. Finally pray to your God for mercy.

Never hesitate to call me anytime whenever you are stacked.
+233 246 45 66 67
Ask for facebook friendship,at victor kutufam
Skype ID : victor.kutufam

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